Sam Hansen

I am the Mathematics & Statistics Librarian for the University of Michigan (ORCiD 0000-0003-1070-8232), Lead Producer and Mathematical Storyteller at, and the database developer for Medial History Digital Library and PodcastRE.

I tell stories from the mathematical domain with Relatively Prime, interviewed mathematicians on Strongly Connected Components, went on and on about fights from the history of science in Science Sparring Society, and covered breaking mathematical news with Peter Rowlett on Math/Maths.

On a more personal note I spend way too much time with my bikes, drinking decaffeinated coffee, and listening to podcasts at 2X.

What I Do


As a librarian my focus is on liaison and outreach work to mathematics and statistics communities. This includes being classroom instruction, workshop development and delivery, and collection management. I also engage in DEIA advocacy and programming and Digital Scholarship support within the library. My research area is citation aging dynamics and mathematics bibliometrics.

Podcast Producer

I have produced many podcasts in a range for formats from narrative storytelling to long form interviews to panel discussions to live shows. I have also worked as a story editor and executive producer for podcasts where I am not the main producer . I have consulted on the creation and marketing podcasts too.


While racing primarily gravel and cyclocross, my main focus in cycling is in making sure that everyone has the chance to be included in cycling. Toward this goal I have personally worked with race organizers and cycling groups to help develop a wider range of gender categories in races in MI and OH, and have been part of larger groups advocating at the national level too.

Mathematical Storyteller

I tell the story of mathematics across audio, video, written, and live formats. This storytelling have taken me around the United States and over to England and Ireland. I have been awarded a PRX STEM Story Grant to produce a mathematics story and my Relatively Prime episode Chinook was named one of the best pieces of science audio of 2012 by The Science Studio.

Database Developer

I design and develop databases for digital scholarship projects. I also write the backend scripts which harvested the metadata and files the databases store. For two of the projects I constructed SOLR indexes and connected them to websites in order to make the databases publicly accessible.